Covid-19 March 2020

A note to all of our supporters in this difficult time:  Please stay safe and well.  Today the Museum of East Anglian Life will be closing its doors for the short term and access to the Trust HQ is going to be very difficult.  Alex will be working from home where possible so we are ready to hit the ground running when “normal” returns.  Please use the email if you want to get in touch.  The Trust phone will be with Alex too and Facebook is another way of keeping in touch.  Be kind to each other and keep playing, dancing and singing wherever you are.

We have added a new page “Music for a Troubled Time” to promote CDs that have just been produced by traditional musicians with a link to East Anglia because their normal route of promoting launches has been temporarily thwarted.  The first CD to launch this page is “Foundlings” by Norfolk band Hushwing.

APOLOGIES! There appears to be an incorrect link to the Music Box Archive from the mailchimp newsletter which is proving tricky to fix. It’s not too difficult to find manually and we promise, it’s worth looking for!

Published in February 2020 the latest news can be found on the Winter 2019/20 Newsletter below. Do keep checking in to the website over the next few months as we update the website.

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