We have published several books which can be purchased below. Our very latest publication is the fantastic new Jig Doll book, The Brightest of Entertainers.

The Brightest of Entertainers  by Pat Pickles and Katie Howson

Jig dolls are fascinating and elusive; they are percussion instruments, dolls, puppets, toys, wooden artefacts and elements of social history. They feature in traditional music, folk art and local history. This eagerly awaited book is a revised and signifcantly expanded edition of the seminal work on jig dolls by Rennie and Pat Pickles (1988). A huge amount of new content and a bibliography and index have been added. It now has 104 pages and 106 illustrations, the majority in full colour. This edition pieces together a history from descriptions, printed references and museum examples and goes on to present three case studies (Yorkshire, East Anglia, and the Seth Davy legend). Reaching beyond the British scene, it explores evidence of dancing dolls in Europe, the United States and Canada, Australia and Africa, and surveys commercially produced jig dolls and mechanical dancers before concluding with a round-up of recent developments and innovations. £11.00 + £2.00 p&p




Folk Songs collected in Southwold in 1910 by Ralph Vaughan Williams (A5, 45 pages, high quality print, card outer cover) £5.99 + £2.50 p&p




The “Crabbe” System – Comedy Stepdancing Postcards Cromer Crabs will keep you dancing! 5 for £3.00 including postage


Before the night was out…

' If I heard a good tune I'd have it before the night was out...' ... And now you can too with our selection of polkas, hornpipes, jigs, schottisches & waltzes transcribed from traditional players in Norfolk & Suffolk. This book aims to shed light on the way in which traditional music in Norfolk and Suffolk has thrived and mutated during the twentieth century, as well as providing a resource for practising musicians. It includes tune books, biographies, and guidance on how to interpret and play this music. £10.50 +2.00 p&p